A little about us, our founders, and the native creators.

Taken from the top of Kaelepulu, Hawaii the town where our Go Native! boxes are handpacked

Mamalani is a natural body product company with the vision of bringing you organic health and beauty products from Hawaii.  We support local producers, makers, designers, and farmers who hold the land and sea in the highest regard.  Go Native! provides the way in which you can be healthy while also ensuring sustainability and abundance for years to come. 

Started by mother of three, Mele Kalama-Kingma.  Her passion has been to support others while upholding their talents and gifts.  Her intent is to make you feel that love - aloha spirit - that transcends all generations, all ethnicities, all ages, all backgrounds through a box that provides physical, mental and spiritual inspiration.  

The term Go Native is simple.  

 To value the land and sea and the Creator of it all.  To love each other as we love ourselves.   To find healing wellness and abundance in connectedness.

A recent article about us 

Four AMAZING Subscription Boxes For Natural Beauty And Womanly Bliss by Ash Stevens

July 27, 2017


This lovely box comes to you straight from Hawaii. Go Native is the baby of Mele Kalama-Kingma. As a Native Hawaiian born and raised in Kailua, Mele grew up around loving grandparents who showed her how to take care of nature, and taught her that sharing love with others is the most important task in life.Fast forward years later, and Mele is a mother of three and boasts a degree in Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Health. Her personal and education experience gave her a love for health and the earth that led to Mele discovering talented and admirable makers and crafters within her native land. This coupled with her love for the beauty of her Hawaiian culture and the desire to share that love led to the birth of Mele’s company Mamalani in 2012. Years later, Mele brought the Go Native box into the world. 

  • What You Get: Each Go Native box has a different theme, with monthly inspirations like Hawaiian sea salt, Summer Essentials, and Hawaiian moon phases. Whatever the theme, you get 3-6 Hawaiian-crafted products that meet or exceed Mele’s standards in support of Aloha (love for others) as well as Aloha Aina (love for the land). Boxes may also include little tastes of Hawaiian culture — like with July’s moon phase journal Hilo ‘Ia A Pa’a (that’s beautiful Hawaiian for “Braiding A Tight Cord Of Knowledge”).
  • Why It Rocks: Go Native supports a simple and grounded life. All of the products in this box promote natural beauty and environmental health— absolutely outstanding — but beneath all that there’s this incredible spiritual mission that serves as the fuel for each and every box. The products make you feel good, from the tips of your toes to the core of your heart. Also … It’s Hawaii!!! You’re getting Hawaiian products made by Native Hawaiians, and you even get to glean traditional Native Hawaiian knowledge. All of that, plus shipping, for $38. I don’t know what the Hawaiian word for “magical” is, but that’s precisely how I’d describe Go Native.